Loch Leven is a great place to brew great beers, especially our Great Scots. A central location with the finest soft Scottish water, ideal to bring out individual tastes and characters.

We brew using traditional methods in a mash tun followed by a wort kettle/hop strainer. Our beers are truly small batch and handcrafted, we still dig out the mash tun and have to jump into the wort kettle to remove the spent hops! 

Wherever possible we source local/UK ingredients. Our soft water comes from reservoirs in the hills around the brewery. The high-quality Scottish craft malt used is grown and malted by a local farmer. We use whole hops in our wort kettle grown in the South of England, which best suit their growing conditions. We have experimented with Scottish grown hops in the past and would love to use them if they become commercially available.

Our focus is cask beers production which we believe to be the most sustainable (no filtering, pasteurisation and fewest miles). However, we recognise that our customers need both bottles and kegs as well. All of ours of which are cold filtered and not pasteurised, unlike some of the larger brewers and foreign imports. We also promote the selling of returnable growlers (one and two-litre glass bottles) through our taproom for local consumption.

When we started out, we went to great lengths to try to create a range of beers to suit all tastes and occasions. Our Great Scots range is all gluten-free. Our bottle and keg beers are vegan-friendly as well, but most importantly, all are very tasty, and we hope you will find them a real treat to savour. Please give them a try and find out for yourself.



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