Our Beers

Our Great Scots range currently consists of 4 different styles of beers, with brand names linked to historical Scottish figures with links to our local area around Loch Leven.

  • Outlaw King (Golden Ale) named after Robert the Bruce who was buried nearby in Dunfermline.  Outlaw King conveniently happens to be the title chosen by Netflix for their recent block-buster film about Robert the Bruce released in November 2018.
  • Warrior Queen (IPA) is named after Mary Queen of Scots who was imprisoned for almost a year in Lochleven Castle before making her dramatic escape.
  • Shining Knight (Craft Lager) is named after Andrew Carnegie, the renowned Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist, who was born nearby in Dunfermline. August 2019 will see the centenary of his death.
  • King Slayer (Scottish Ale) is named after Gabriel de Montgomery who accidentally killed the French King in a joust in 1559. The Montgomery family have been associated with Loch Leven for many generations.

We currently have 2 beers available in our Heritage Classics range, the names of both of which will be only too well known by those familiar with Scottish history. Our good fortune is that both historical characters have both been brought to the big screen in recent months.

  • Mary Queen of Scots is famous locally for having been imprisoned in Lochleven Castle in 1567 before dramatically escaping 11 months later.
  • Robert the Bruce, perhaps best known for his stunning victory over the English Army at Bannockburn in 1314, and his body was buried nearby at Dunfermline Abbey in 1329.