Heritage Classics

We currently have 2 beers available in our Heritage Classics range, the names of both of which will be only too well known by those familiar with Scottish history. Our good fortune is that both historical characters have both been brought to the big screen in recent months.

  • Mary Queen of Scots is famous locally for having been imprisoned in Lochleven Castle in 1567 before dramatically escaping 11 months later.
  • Robert the Bruce, perhaps best known for his stunning victory over the English Army at Bannockburn in 1314, and his body was buried nearby at Dunfermline Abbey in 1329.


Robert the Bruce

Our Robert the Bruce beer is a 5.2% traditional Scottish Ale, full bodied with some roast character, not too harsh or bitter and relatively sweet.


Mary Queen of Scots

Our Mary Queen of Scots Golden Ale is a well balanced 5% lightly malt flavoured beer with a subtle honey, earthy and lightly spiced aroma.