Great Scots 12 Pack

This Gift Pack contains 12 x 330ml bottles, with three each of King Slayer, Outlaw King, Warrior Queen & Shining Knight.


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Product Description

The Great Scots 12 Pack contains 12 x 330ml bottles comprising 3 x King Slayer, 3 x Outlaw King, 3 x Warrior Queen & 3 x Shining Knight.

  • King Slayer is a traditional dark amber 5.2% ABV Scottish Ale
  • Outlaw King Scots is a well balanced golden 5% ABV lightly malt flavoured ale
  • Warrior Queen is a refreshing, amber, relatively malty, 3.8%ABV version of an IPA
  • Shining Knight is a refreshing, well balanced pale yellow 4.0% ABV quite malty craft style lager
    Mix & Match
    The standard Great Scots 12 Pack consists of 3 bottles of each of the 4 beers. However, feel free to choose as many bottles of each beer as you want up to 12 bottles in total. So you can have 12 bottles of the same beer or perhaps 6 bottles of two of the beers. Simply add what you want to the ORDER NOTES during the checkout process.


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